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Muck® Boots are...


Lightweight, flexible, easy to put on and take off


Removable Insole for warmth and support

100% Waterproof

Natural rubber uppers, NEOPRENE shell construction is 100% waterproof and self-insulating


Airmesh lining wicks away humidity and perspiration


A range of smart choices for leisure and urban use


A range of colors and prints to match your individuality with our reliability.

Muck® Features

Find out what makes Muck® Boots the best...

Our Airmesh lining will add an element of breathability to a watertight boot. The cushioned lining not only adds comfort, but it also allows air to travel throughout the inside of the boot keeping water out and air circulation in.

Exclusive, 100% waterproof NEOPRENE shell construction

Steel toe caps offer premium protection while giving you the room and comfort you need for long days.

Balloon tested against rattlesnake strikes, this tough exterior is layered with durable full rubber coverage and lined with our CR flex foam neoprene. The end result is a snake resistant boot that’s tough enough to confidently hunt all day no matter what you can encounter.

We engineer several different types of outsoles to handle whatever condition you might have to face. Our new Resistant collection features a V-Wave outsole with SR™ slip-resistance Compound which keeps you on your feet when it matters.

Muck® Boots Scent Masking technology allows you to stalk your target without worrying about being discovered.

The new resistant collection offers a full Honeywell RDR™ rubber exterior that will resist most oil-based fluids. This compound has been lab tested and field proven to protect against the harshest conditions.

All of our fleece lined Muck® Boots offer superior warmth for frigid environments. The soft lining offers enhanced comfort, yet is durable enough to endure long cold treks.

As the foot starts to sweat, the XpressCool™ fabric lining rapidly pulls moisture away from your skin to drier areas of the boot. This creates a cooling effect which keeps your feet cool and dry in warm weather.


Spandura layered over neoprene adds protection against wear.


High-grade rubber exterior provides a tough waterproof barrier.


6mm EVA Insole provides additional support and comfort


XpressCool™ material offers antimicrobial properties which protect against bacteria, fungus and other microorganisms


etc® Insole reduces heat build up, allowing for a more comfortable overall feel.


XpressCool™ helps to keep your feet cool and dry even in the hottest conditions


As the foot starts to sweat the XpressCool™ lining rapidly pulls mosture away from your skin.


The XpressCool™ lining absorbs and spreads out across the boot lining to drier areas of the boot to enhance the evaporative drying rate.


Most importantly as the mosture is spread and dries, it creates a cooling effect which keeps your feet cool and dry in warm weather.

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